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Foto Telanjang Andara Early on PB Magazine

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Andara Early

Andara Early

One of the “Playboy Three”, Andara Early, was questioned again by police and will likely be charged with indecent behaviour.

Andara, or Andhara, was named as a suspect in the Playboy indecency case a few days ago, after she had appeared in the first edition of Indonesian Playboy magazine.

Today she underwent further interrogation at Jakarta police headquarters over her supposedly indecent poses, and said afterwards:

I have done nothing wrong. (Saya tidak bersalah)

She was asked forty questions, and said later:

I was questioned as a suspect.
(Saya diperiksa sebagai tersangka.)

Andara will likely be charged under article 282 of the criminal code concerning indecency and faces a maximum sentence of two years and eight months, if convicted. Despite this Andara says she has no regrets about appearing in Playboy and that her family remain supportive.

I don’t feel down, I have to keep upbeat. I have a family and friends who continue to give me support.
(Saya nggak down. Harus tetap semangat. Karena saya punya keluarga dan teman-teman yang terus memberi dukungan.)

According to her lawyer Susilo Aribowo both of the other suspects, model Kartika Oktaviani Gunawan and editor Erwin Arnada had already been interrogated.

The head of the Womens’ and Childrens’ Unit of the police, Ahmad Rivai, said that the cases of the two models were still being investigated while that of Erwin Arnada had already been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.