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Foto Seksi Happy Salma, happy Mike

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Some Indonesians give their kids the strangest names imaginable.

Like “Happy”.

I mean ain’t “Happy” a name reserved just for dwarfs? Still, it’s a lot better than “Sleepy” I suppose. And “Grumpy” of course.

Anyway, Indonesia’s best-known Happy – and she’s not a dwarf either – must be the sexy sinetron actress Happy Salma.

Recently spotted in Bali with her bule boyfriend who has a more sensible name: Mike. Still one thing’s for sure. And that is that judging from the pictures below he must be very happy too!

But perhaps it would have been more apt for his parents to have named him “Lucky”. Cos bizarre as it might sound, that is another popular name in Indonesia too!

Happy Salma indonesian girls gadis indonesia
Happy Salma